Interactive Analysis Tools

Display a comprehensive overview of your company's historical data in an interactive environment and allow users to undertake their own analysis of trends.


We can include any data in a tabular format ranging from complex financial statements, CSR data, risk, operational data, to monthly or quarterly sales figures in your customised IAT.

Our tool allows your current and potential stakeholders to interact with your data, choosing the information and making the comparisons relevant to their interest.

Do you want to showcase your monthly sales? Or the yearly improvement of your waste management? Maybe highlight your income statement? Our IAT is flexible to suit your needs.

We customize your data to ensure all relative comparasions are only a click away. We group and contextualise your key figures to ensure understanding and improve communication with your stakeholders.

Download and present your KPIs on print-outs, in powerpoint presentations or via social media. Have up-to-date and beautifully presented data immediately available for your investor meetings and roadshows.

Illuminating KPIs

How do you want to present your company's financial highlights? What about your sustainability targets and achievements? To illustrate the bigger picture and long term trends of your work, we believe in presenting your data visually. We believe usability is key and our Interactive Analysis Tool enables investors to make their own comparisons, viewing data and time periods relevant to their interest.

The key indicators of your company can get lost in endless tables. Our IAT gives an immediate overview of the trends of your performance while retaining the ability to download all data in various formats including Excel. You can easily share and spread your financial and sustainability performance on social media. All functionalities of the tool aims to make understanding your goals, values and performance intuitive.